i am a thirty-eight-year-old woman often captivated by the ordinary. i have more questions than i do answers. i am highly relational. i desire to live a slow, meaningful, and active life. i love to read and dance and write and create. i enjoy cooking while listening to music [loudly]. i am extremely loyal. i want to know the world. i am a daydreamer and hope for things i have never tasted. i appreciate order. i value laughter. excitement and eagerness grow as i learn new things. i am frightened by much. i believe God is real. my heart often aches. i doubt at times.

i seek to articulate, and rarely succeed.


2 Responses to “the girl.”

  1. jules said

    ..you’re an amazing friend… you are a thoughtful and amazing friend… don’t forget to add that. 🙂

  2. Mark Robinson (Marky) said

    As to the girl… just the other night, I was missing my friend Lisa and thinking “Man, I can’t believe I haven’t been able to introduce her to Henry!” It seems years.. perhaps because it is nearly that, that we visited (Jaclyn was pregnant) And so this technological miracle/destroyer the the inkpen found for me the blog of an old friend. I am ecstatic to have found it, and consequently hope she checks it more than once a year. Email back. Pretty please.


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