sjt: day five.

February 24, 2010

my recognition of God at work happened at the INN tonight [i know, i know…big surprise]. tonight was one of those relatively easy nights for me at the INN – i wasn’t speaking, and when i don’t speak, i don’t have any official duties on tuesday night. i just get to be there. which i love because it means i just get to be with students and watch it all happen. and although the magic is long gone for me [i will never see a tuesday night at the INN the way i did when i was a student], i still love watching what happens in that place.

so tonight i just got to be. i sat with a group of older students. i laughed at the skit. i listened to doug speak and i was mesmerized by the painting happening. and i sang. it was during this time of singing, the reflective portion of the evening, that i both saw God at work and remembered God at work.

my friend seth lead the music team tonight. and he chose some of my favorite songs. but it wasn’t the songs that turned my mind towards God’s incredible hand in this world. it was seth. i have heard seth lead music a hundred times. it’s nothing new to me. i enjoy it each time. but tonight as i watched him sing, as i listened to the team, and as i sang along, a flood of images came to my mind. i remembered march of 2004 when, sick with strep throat, seth [as a student] played guitar in a stuffy hotel room and led a mission team in worship. i remembered seth standing in front the INN, as a student, leading a room full of his peers in worship. i remembered seth starring in a student pledge video and sharing why he chose to give financially to the INN [i think we still owe him an apology for the crappy, up-close face shots in that video]. i remembered sitting across from seth at a local restaurant talking with him about what his year after graduation would look like. i remembered sitting with stacy, seth’s girlfriend at the time, and listening to her talk about their relationship. i remembered the day stacy came to small group and showed us the engagement ring. i remembered reading scripture on the beautiful, sunny july day they got married in 2005 [and celebrating like crazy]. i remembered the year seth applied to work at the INN, and knowing the evening after his interview, as i sat with him [and others] at a pub in fairhaven, that i would be working alongside him. i remembered a year of sharing an office space with him. i thought of a thousand little moments in the office together – too many to list. i remembered mission videos of seth dancing ridiculously with students. i remembered the white board in seth’s office and the brainstorming i’ve seen on it. and i watched seth, tonight, move throughout the sanctuary stealthily and with ease. i watched him lead a room full of students in worship.

people change over time. we grow and seek and ask and think and choose and move, and as we do we change – or perhaps it’s better said that we are changed. as i watched seth tonight i thought about how he’s changed. of course the seth leading music tonight is the same seth i watched play guitar in a stuffy hotel room 6 years ago – but he’s also different. he’s grown and sought and asked and thought and chose and moved, and he’s been changed. and i see God in all of it – i see God in seth.  i see God in seth because i see God working through seth. tonight i saw God use seth to lead others in worship, and i realized tonight that God’s been using seth to do that for many years now.

i saw God alive in this world through the life of a single person tonight. a person who has grown and sought and asked and thought and made choices and moved – and through it all, has remained faithful to his creator. i saw God alive tonight in a person who is still leading others to worship.

i remembered God alive in this world tonight, through the life and ministry of my friend seth.


One Response to “sjt: day five.”

  1. Lacy said

    I think it is pretty neat and well, beautiful that you see God in people so much and so well. It only makes sense you know? It is a good reminder to look for him in everyone…

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