coffee: day four.

February 23, 2010

i have a zillion coffee dates a year. okay, maybe not a zillion – but a lot. i, fortunately, get to spend much of my time sitting with people and talking over a cup of coffee. most people might think these sorts of coffee dates are easy for me, that it’s practically second nature to meet up with someone i hardly know and share conversation, but honestly…i get real nervous. last week i met with a girl i had never met with before – well not, at least, over coffee. before she arrived at the office i said a little prayer in my mind…asking God to please help me know what to say or ask as we hung out. she arrived, and we walked downtown. the whole way down i asked the usual questions…how was your day? how long have you worked where you do? when did you first start coming to the INN? what made you choose to go on a mission trip? we eventually made our way to a little coffee shop [i bet anyone can guess which one], ordered, and sat down. and this is when i noticed God. i sat across from the most incredibly brave young woman. she shared her past with me – the good, the bad, the ugly, the sweet, the funny. in that short hour at the coffee shop she opened herself up to me and shared where she had been. and then we talked about where she found herself now…feeling herself tugged in two directions. one direction she desires but can’t seem to follow completely, and one direction she does not desire but often finds herself pursuing. i sat and i listened to a young woman bravely speak to someone she hardly knows. and she was brave because she didn’t hide. she didn’t try to be someone she wasn’t. she shared the difficult journey she’s had and the struggle she’s in the midst of. she put herself out there in a way i rarely see. she told me of the people she’s tried to talk to. of the ways she’s reached out in an attempt to find community.  few people, it seems, have been willing to really listen. few people have taken the time to understand or care. but this young woman is brave, and she continues to choose vulnerability. she continues to choose to reach out and speak and share with hope that someone will listen and try to understand, and maybe even care. she continues to choose things for her life that she believes will lead to community and relationship with others. quite honestly, i don’t see that much in this world. i often observe the opposite: people hiding, people trying to show the world someone they aren’t, people running from emotional risk or potential rejection. and i was honored that she chose to sit with me, that she pursued me, and that she offered me a bit of herself. i pray i listened well. i pray, in that hour, that i cared for her well. and i also pray that she see just how brave she is. that she see God alive in the choices she’s making. because she is making choices for herself with greater faith than i often feel i have on any given day.


One Response to “coffee: day four.”

  1. mitchell said

    way to go…you’re still at it.

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