the world was our oyster: day three.

February 21, 2010

it’s 11:39pm. there are 21 minutes remaining in this day. i have just crawled into bed after a very long, very beautiful day. yes, the weather was incredible today…it was clear, it was sunny, and it was unusually warm for the month of february. the weather, however, was not the sole cause for this day’s beauty. the beauty that i found in this day had more to do with the people i spent it with and things we did together.

it all started at avellino…jess, lacy and i sitting outside in the glorious sun with coffee and bagels. what a beautiful way to begin any day. the sidewalk was bustling with lovely bellingham folk – hippies walking bicycles, small children wearing corduroy jackets and cramming strawberry ice cream cones in their mouths [making a delicious mess], downtown regulars carrying their travel mugs and stopping to pet every dog tied up along railroad. as we sat we watched and talked until finally, we decided to get on our way. the oyster dome. i had never hiked it, and all week long i had dreamed of making the hike for the first time on what was predicted to be a sunshine-filled saturday. i hadn’t known who would be joining me, if anyone, and was excited to discover that both jess and lacy would be…as well as chance, of course – the wonderdog. we gathered our belongings, loaded chance’s pack up with our snacks and water [it’s a brilliant idea, to have the dog carry your goods], and set out for the afternoon.

there was nothing particularly out-of-this-world about our hike. it was a dirt trail that pointed upward. trees sheltered us, roots twisted themselves around on the path below our feet, and the air smelled clean. we were outside, moving our bodies, and together. this was my favorite part, the being together. as we moved up the trail, our conversation covered a myriad of topics. we talked about all sorts of things – like chance running on the path and t-boning the other hikers, the first year of marriage, and separation from figurative families, we talked about redemptive theology, substance abuse, and transitions. we talked about books we’ve read, movies we want to see, and the vagina memoirs. as we walked, we talked – about most everything. we shared and laughed and moved together. when we finally reached the top, we sat for a while on a rock, overlooking the san juans. you could see forever, and we simply sat there basking in the warmth of the incredible sun. we rested and we talked. and then we went back to the car [which proved tricky, as we took a wrong turn along – that’s what happens when all three people in the party are enthralled with the conversation].

it was a simple day. a simple hike. i can say i’ve been to the oyster dome. and yet it was a very beautiful day. it was beautiful because i spent it with two beautiful women. two women so different than me, but whom i find it such a joy to be around. two women who have incredible stories and share them uniquely. it was a beautiful day because the sun was out warming everything up. it was a beautiful day because laughter sprinkled its way through all of it. it was a beautiful day because God was in it all. and as i crawled into bed tonight, flipped open my computer and thought about what to type – how to share where i’ve seen God in this world – i thought of today, and i heard Jesus…

for where two or three are gathered in my name, i am there among them.


One Response to “the world was our oyster: day three.”

  1. Lacy said

    wow. I didn’t think we’d actually make it on the blog…but I am so glad to hear you saw Christ in such a beautiful day because I did as well…in a way I have been needing for some time, so thank you for articulating it Lisa. You are precious in my life.

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